Most of our customers seek out our most popular lines of metal locker. Offered in multiple configurations, you can choose from one or three wide options in any size you might need or want. These ship incredibly quickly, in as little as one day! If your office needs a storage solution, check out the sixteen person or wall mount metal lockers. These are also great for break rooms and backrooms. These will last through years of daily use thanks to their solid and durable steel
design. You can choose from single, double, and triple tier lockers, as well as box lockers with up to six compartments.


Choose a rust resistant locker to keep your units protected from corrosion, bacteria, mold, yeast, and mildew for up to 20 years. These keep your facility from looking rundown and are ideal to use in and around humid environments. The anti-rust coating provides an extra layer of defense against water and moisture.

Standout Features:

  • Able to last for up to 20 years in moist areas
  • Coated with a thin layer of chromium and iron oxides
  • Graded at 304 – This means that there is an increase in nickel (8-10%) which provides additional rust resistance

Stainless steel lockers are perfect for restaurants, recreation centers, and medical offices. With a sleek look thanks to their non-corrosive fabrication, they have been crafted from the same materials as dental tools and surgical instruments. The construction and durability of this metal makes it is great for marine applications. In a protected indoor setting, this steel can technically last forever with a little polishing to keep up the shine of the metal.



For school and gym locker rooms, we offer vented lockers. These designs allow uniforms, clothes, and equipment to dry faster and reduce odor causing bacteria thanks to the increased ventilation and air flow that these lockers allow for. While ventilation and visibility are increased, the security is not compromised thanks to durable 16-gauge frames. We offer football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, golf, and softball lockers. These different configurations allow you to choose the best fit for your sports interests and facility.


Lockers made from plastic are: – Rust proof – Scratch resistant – Minimal maintenance – 

Up to fifty-nine times MORE resistant to impacts than steel

If you need storage for a harsh environment where rain, moisture, and humidity can take a toll on steel, you will benefit from our line of solid, high density polyethylene plastic lockers. To keep things short, we refer to them as HDPE lockers. High density polyethylene has some pretty amazing qualities, including immunity to mildew and rust, no matter how much water they are exposed to. Scratches, dents, and stains are unnoticeable since the color goes all the way through the thick, durable material, so you never have to worry about paint repairs. The best part is that these cannot be damaged by graffiti because the plastic locker material (HDPE) is graffiti resistant. Plastic lockers will provide superior protection and save you time and money on maintenance and repairs!

The unique characteristics of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) make these truly waterproof lockers perfect solutions for indoor swimming centers, pool locker rooms, water parks, aquatic or marine facilities and other places that really get wet—spas, saunas, ski resorts and anywhere an outdoor locker would need to be. Due to the superior protection those plastic lockers provide against the growth of mold and mildew, a row of solid plastic lockers works great in food processing plants, labs or anywhere else having an antimicrobial environment is required. These also provide protection against corrosive environments that would otherwise quickly eat through metal. For companies looking to ‘go green’ there is even better news! Statistics prove that just one of these HDPE lockers made from recycled materials keeps about five hundred old milk jugs out of your local landfill!
These are also becoming an increasingly popular sight in schools as hallway lockers thanks to reasons listed above. Greater resistant to impacts, dents, and scratches than the average metal locker help protect the school's investment. Add in how easy it is to clean graffiti, stickers, and other gunk students tend to leave in their locker and you have a long-lasting locker winner!
Do not let your lockers become prey to rust, graffiti, scratches, and dents in the urban jungles where your building is located. Select one of our plastic lockers and let it be the first barrier of defense in your battle against water and other elements. Or, if you cannot quite find what you need, order our custom plastic lockers. From color to design to configuration and features, we can create the perfect locker setup for you.


There are times when a more refined locker look is needed when metal is too “cold” and just is not the right fit. For a more refined, professional setting, HDI offers wood lockers. For universities country clubs, golf courses, professional sports teams, athletic clubs, and ski lodges, a wood locker tends to add that final sophisticated touch that looks natural yet elevates a locker room.
Where a metal door would clang and look jarring in an otherwise elegant room, a wooden locker is quieter while ensuring your personal belongings and valuables are secure. Now that you know you are looking for a wood locker, High Density Inc can help you decided which style is right for your needs, budget, and deadline.


For a cost-effective option with a faster turnaround time that offers availability in single, double, and four-tier styles, wood laminate lockers might be the perfect option for you. For schools looking for storage with a scratch-resistant surface, the melamine laminated lockers offer a sturdy locker that can take the heavy traffic of students using them every day. On top of the scratch resistance, these are also fire and moisture resistant, a valuable trait for both schools and offices. If someone happens to spill something, not a problem! These are easily cleaned with some mild cleaner and a rag. The laminate allows for quick and easy cleanup as well as minimal maintenance over time. We have also found these wooden lockers to be extremely popular in gyms and fitness centers, in addition to their superior durability in the locker room, some facilities prefer wood look lockers for their stylish and modern appearance. You get a look
that is like real wood but without the higher price tag and maintenance requirements. The wood grain laminate is only on the door, so be prepared to buy sides separately for the end of your row of lockers.


Police Lockers are designed to meet the specific needs of our nation's police force. Security threats, both nationwide and globally, have created the need for additional protective gear and weaponry which must be neatly stored away. These gear lockers are the ideal for the job. They can house a wide array of body armor, arms and ammunition, and communication devices that are needed daily for police or security forces. Built using 16-gauge sheet steel, these are durable and meet the tough storage demands that law enforcement officers require. These compartments are great for use in emergency response facilities, military areas, and prisons.


Pass-Thru and Non-Pass-Thru Evidence lockers have compartments that can store almost any evidence that needs to be kept secure, from long guns to drugs. Pass-Thru lockers are available with front and rear trim. They are also available with a rear door that can be locked by a heavy gauge three-point latch bar with a padlock hasp. Pass-Thru lockers with gates allow access from the inside, which eliminates the need for officers to have keys from the outside. The officer simply puts the evidence in the locker, closes the door, and it locks automatically. The door lock can be reset from the inside.
If your evidence needs to be temperature controlled, Refrigerated Evidence lockers are the best choice. These are perfect for holding blood specimens and rape kits. These are factory set at +4 degrees Celsius refrigerator or freezer with a digital readout thermometer. They also have high density CFC-free urethane foam insulation, and these refrigerators are stainless steel, inside and out. A quick note about refrigerated lockers, it is vital that evidence is kept usable and
admissible! Make sure the refrigerated unit that you choose does not contaminate the cardboard containers that may be storing your evidence and removes the moisture that is normally associated with refrigeration. Our lockers stop this corrosive moisture in its tracks! It does this with forced air circulation and electric condensation removal.
If you need a combination of pass-thru and refrigerated lockers, we can make custom lockers specifically for your needs! These can be manufactured as small or as large as you need them to be, whether you need just a small cabinet or a whole wall of evidence lockers. They are powder coated in a warm beige texture, so that they will remain looking professional while blending in while the design of any existing setting. These have a modular construction and are built using
the same durable steel as the other prefabricated evidence lockers. You also have the option to add a drop slot to your locker configuration. This extra has been designed for dropping off DVDs and evidence envelopes while keeping them secure. These lockers are perfect for storing information and data in police evidence transfers, evidence storage, court security, national park areas, and crime scene investigations. If security and continuity of evidence are the top priority for you, these are the systems that will meet your needs perfectly! These compartments also include number tags on each door so that you can easily identify which compartment the evidence that you need is in.
Identifying the correct requirements for your evidence storage means much more than picking out a color and handle type. We offer over twenty-five different door configurations, so you can consider every aspect of how your department manages evidence. These units meet all UL standards for product safety and performance. This includes knowing how evidence needs to be temporarily stored until it can be processed.


The military is known for organization and order, and what better way to keep gear organized than military lockers? No matter where you are stationed, at home or abroad, military members always need a space that is their own where they can keep gear organized and ready to go. In addition to organization, durability should be just as high a priority, which is why we design our lockers for the army and other branches of service to last for years of use. Select one of our TA- 50 Lockers to store government issued gear and equipment or choose from one of our army trunks to secure personal effects and belongings while saving both floor and bunk space.

TA-50 gear safe and secure. The military issues vests, helmets, ropes, gloves, bags, gas masks and more to each soldier, and you can bet that they want every piece back in good condition. If equipment is not returned, service members may be expected to reimburse their branch of service for lost or stolen items. According to army guidelines, TA-50 should never be kept in space that is shared with others; each soldier should have their own resolute, securable cabinet or locker to minimize damage and theft.
To keep that Table of Allowances 50 gear secure and ready to go, store equipment in one of our specially designed TA-50 lockers, which are also available under GSA contract. Select from a pre-configured style, which can ship out in as little as a few days if you need them in fast or see the assorted options, we have available which typically have a longer lead time. We offer both all welded and not welded lockers in up to twenty-one colors, several standard sizes, and more. If you need something different than the standard, pre-configured options, we can also do custom TA-50 lockers for any military base, barracks, or camp. From custom sizes to colors, from doors and latches to interior hooks and shelving, we can design the best locker for users to
keep every piece of equipment in its designated spot. We know that every facility will have certain requirements that need to be met, which is why we will collaborate with you to ensure that you get the ideal locker for your needs.



Benefits For Employees

  • Self-service storage system: Use the company access card or smartphone to control the lockers
  • Charge a smartphone or tablet with the integrated USB port in the locker
  • Easy and safe storage wherever they are and whenever they want
  • Effective remote support when the badge is lost or forgotten

Benefits For Facilities Managers

  • No more hassle with keys, batteries or PINs – saving management time
  • User-friendly software – the manager can control lockers remotely
  • Real-time view of locker usage with available reports and log files
  • Personal lockers, team lockers, visitor lockers, everything is configurable
  • The system can be integrated into a (future) application or dashboard
  • Safe and secure, fully compliant with GDPR standards

Single Tier

The most popular and widely used locker offers maximum pace for full hanging of clothing and other belongings. Each locker has a convenient shelf for storage of books, hats or other small articles. Lockers 18″ deep or more come with a coat rod In addition to coat hooks.

2 Person Lockers

A space saving model that has ample room for two people while  occupying  ab out the same space as a single tier locker. These lockers have the advantage of a full width book compartment doors. Coat rods are included inlockers  18″ deep or more.

Double Tier

Accommodates twice as many people as singlelier lockers in the same f loor space, while still providing enough room for light outer wear and personal belongings.

Double Tier

Accommodates twice as many people as singlelier lockers in the same f loor space, while still providing enough room for light outer wear and personal belongings.

Multlple Tier Lockers

Also known as “box lockers” for their compact dimensions, Penco multiple tier lockers allow numerous users in tech smallest amount of floor space. They are available in 3,4, 5 and 6 lier configurations. These lockers are ideal for storage of athletic gear or employee personal  storage.

Each compartment can be locked with padlocks or built-In locks.

Duplex Locker

An economical way to provide full length locker convenience in a small amount of floor space. Two private lockers ore combined in one 15″ Wide frame. Door openings are 6″ wide and each locker contains a 7-1/2″ wide shelf located 18″ from the top.

Box Over Lockers

Provides for independent lockable storage above the main single lier locker.This is a 72″ door frame with a 60″ high standard Vanguard Door.


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