HDI provides an array of furniture solutions including panel system workstations, freestanding desks, chairs, and open office design. We will survey and listen carefully to your staff’s needs for your unique space and workflow requirements and provide CAD designs at no cost or obligation.

We can custom fabricate built-in furniture in laminate, stainless steel, and our custom millwork can be moved or re-purposed should your needs or location change.



Comprehensive Systems Furniture Design –No Cost or Obligation

  • Measure your space and detail your workflow
  • Understand the goals you hope to achieve in the design and appreciate the image you want to convey
  • Integrate your staff’s ideas about their new workspace and what changes they feel are needed to improve its functionality and allow them to do their best work
  • Work within your budget, our design team will assemble a detailed scaled rendering that includes colors, fabrics, and finishes so you can envision the final plan
  • HDI will determine an exact items quantities and specifications to fulfill your vision and provide you a full proposal quotations outlining every inch of the design.


HDI can show you basic as well as upgraded alternative products for any furniture project. We will render designs from the reception area to the CEO’s office while presenting basic staff workstations and administrative offices in multiple floorplans for your consideration. Both traditional grid layout and organic plans using 120-degree worksurfaces, or a combination of both can be envisioned for your spaces. We can make suggestions when to use an open plan and when and where to insert privacy cubicles. Having discussions and preliminary configurations and 3 D rendering of your space will circumvent problems before detail design process begins.




High Density, Inc. (H.D.I.) is a leading provider of innovative storage equipment, material handling equipment, and related installation services. HDI is committed to maximizing capacity, optimizing floor space and increasing productivity. HDI offers design, sales, and turnkey project implementation. HDI custom fabricates solutions to your unique applications. We serve a diverse client base including private companies, medical centers, law firms, furniture dealers, and the Federal, State, and Local Government. For a no-cost professional assessment of your needs, call us toll-free at 1 877 HI DENSITY or 562 412-0660.